Signs of Logging

Oregon coast, USA
My sketch isn't as impressive as this tree is in real life. When the Oregon coastal forests were first logged, the trees were huge. This sketch shows a mountain hemlock growing out of a stump left over from the grand days of the first cut. The top of the stump is about fifteen feet (4.5 meters) off the ground. The largest of the trees growing out of the rotten wood is about 30 feet (9 meters) tall. Trees were cut high off the ground so the loggers wouldn't have to hand saw through the flared base of the trees. Once in a while we still find a notch cut into an old stump. First the loggers cut notches into the bole of the tree, into which they wedged two boards to stand on. Then the two loggers took one end of a long saw and sawed together, one on each side of the tree.

When this slope was first logged, the trees were huge and spaced well apart. The smaller stumps are left over from recent logging. Some area are even being cut for the third time.


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