Our time in Sweden, although short, was full of wonderful encounters and new places and landscapes.  While camping near Kalmar on the Baltic coast we were priveleged to see many dragonflies at close quarters.  They seemed almost tame and would sit on my finger without fear!
While walking along the shore one evening we came across this wooden box and puzzled over it's use until I noticed some dead looking insects on the outside.  I picked one up for closer inspection  and then noticed one with the insect in the process of emerging so took some photos to draw from later.  I was particularly interested to see the fine white hairs that supported the dragonfly as it started to open out the wings.  When we arrived home 4 weeks later, imagine my surprise when I found one of the creatures had stowed away in the camping car, sadly no longer alive, but now carefully preserved in a box to use for more drawings in the future!


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