Hummingbird Sketch Bookmark!

Check out this exciting book mark!

I love working with a great graphic designer! Actually, there was no work involved on my part. Just a nice fit with Melinda Fawver,  in Knoxville, TN, fellow member of the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society (KTOS). Melinda designed this beautiful bookmark as a promotional tool for the
2012 Hummingbird Festival:  
The Wonder of Hummingbirds.

My hummingbird watercolor, the focal point for the bookmark was a fun experiment with color and light, in an effort to capture the movement and energy of hummingbirds.  I am delighted to see it promoting these wonderful birds that are so amazing to have in our yards.

Hummingbird migration season will be cranking up soon as northern breeding birds begin moving south and the broods of local hummers begin to fledge.  I am already seeing increasing visits to my feeders.  In our area, as in many others, it is especially important to keep nectar feeders fresh because of the extreme temperatures and drought.  In Knoxville, east Tennessee, we had 107 degrees F last Saturday in the middle of a string of three-digit days.  We are all, birds included, eagerly waiting for our next full day of steady rain.

To see the original sketch for the bookmark on Sketching in Nature visit:    Hummingbird Studies.  Also click this link to see my attempts to capture hummingbirds in flight.

For more information about our Hummingbird Festival and hummingbirds visit:  2012 Hummingbird Festival, Knoxville, TN and to see more of my hummingbird sketches, visit hummingbirds at Vickie's Sketchbook.  You cannot watch these birds without falling in love with them!

Happy Independence Day, USA!


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