Queen Anne's Lace - Lin Frye

Queen Anne's Lace by linfrye
Queen Anne's Lace, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10 1/4" x 14"
Arches 140#CP

Despite the heat and lack of rain, these bright, over 5-foot tall blooms of the Queen Anne's Lace are softening my 'wild' flower garden with white doily-like blossoms. The flat-umbled clusters of florets are a bee-favorite, and when I am outdoors I can hear their constant buzzing as they pollinate my plants for next year's floral display.

I am so thrilled to finally have QAL in my garden! Late last summer, I stopped along the roadsides and clipped the clusters of ecru/tan seedheads from the masses I saw. I strew these seeds everywhere in my garden -- didn't scratch them into the surface at all -- but merely tossed them hither and yon. Early this spring, I noticed their delicate leaves, and as the season progressed, the plants became more numerous. With the early rains we had, these beauties grew and grew until now they are taller than I am. I'll do the same seed collecting this year, and toss the seeds over more garden areas. I really love how their white airy blossoms 'lighten' up all the purple cone flowers and gaillardia and rudbeckias!

It's been raining all around us - but none on our garden. I'm hoping today, the predicted 'scattered' showers will somehow 'scatter' over my property and relieve the parched look of everything.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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