Little Survivor Bluebird

Little Survivor Bluebirdird by Teri DC
Little Survivor Bluebirdird, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
Here is the story on this little baby.
Remember when I sketched the baby bluebird with his mouth open begging for food on 7/20/12?

Last week when I walked by the nest box, I found this little baby on the grass and the nest completely disrupted with no grass in it at all. So I put some old grass in and put the baby back. There were two babies missing and presumed dead. The Mother soon came to take care of this one.
Then a few days later when I looked in the box, all the grass was gone and the baby looked so forlorn, so I added more grass and worried that the mother had abandoned it.
I finally saw her feeding it again and it is getting bigger and healthier. I have high hopes that it will continue to survive and grow to fledge.
One thing I have learned from being a bluebird nest box monitor is that the parents will allow handling of the babies.


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