NEW YEAR 2013 - Lin Frye

140#CP Watercolor

The last day of 2012 begins with temps in the mid 20s and a forecast of sunshine. As in other traditions, we'll clean and tidy the house, store the holiday decorations, restore order as we 'sweep' out the old in order to 'welcome' the new. The holidays are now memories and photographs as we create new experiences with each day and each year.

I'd like to thank each of you for your encouragement, visits, comments, invitations, friendship and inspiration over this year and these past years. Each day, week, each year is a journey, and I feel mightily blessed to have your company as we travel so many roads together.

My thoughts this early morning are best said by my favorite nature-writer, Hal Borland:

"...Any year, regardless of arbitrary time, is like a cicle; you can start at any point upon it and, following the circle, you come back to that point.....No year stands by itself, any more than any day stands alone. There is the continuity of all the years in the trees, the grass, even in the stones on the hilltops. Even in man. For time flows like water, eroding and building, shaping and ever flowing, and time is a part of us, not only our years, as we speak of them, but our lives, our thoughts. All our yesterdays are summarized in our now, and all our tomorrows are ours to shape.....There is no halt, no turning back. Tomorrow rises in the east, and all the tomorrows'....(Sundial of the Seasons)

May 2013 find each of us more peaceful, more prosperous, more creative, more KIND to one another ... and may we make each one of the days we are given gifts of love, joy and peace.

HAPPY 2013!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


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